Neurodiverse Character Sheets

Let’s make neurodiverse character sheets. A list of the specific characteristics we have, as if we were characters in a role playing game.

Let’s start with our super powers: Easily Hyperfocuses, or Vibrant Fantasy World Instead of saying that sounds overwhelm us, let’s call it Heightened Senses: Hearing. The opposite would be Subdued Senses: Hearing (aka Sound Resistance).

Then let’s count the cool abilities our neurodiversity gives us: Extraordinary Ability: Computer Programming, or Extraordinary Memory for Facts. Some things may positive or negative: Not Offended by Bluntness, or Only Hears the Literal.

Then we can also list the things we have trouble with, after all the abilities: Difficulty With Body Language, or Can’t Concentrate on Boring Things (is that really a disadvantage?)

The point is when we look at ourselves as characters on a character sheet, we see our abilities and disabilities as tangible items that we can isolate and talk about. But more importantly, we focus on the combination of attributes that make us unique.